Wednesday, May 30, 2012

28 Weeks, 3 days- I'm still here.

You know that proverbial brick wall?  I've slammed headfirst into it going 100 miles an hour.  My life over the past 10 days has looked like this:  Nest, Nest, Nest, CRASH.

The good news is that our nursery can now safely contain Molly and Jackson- it's far from done, but the basics are in order.  The cribs and dresser are assembled!  The bad news is that I no longer have the energy to do anything else.  I'm hoping and praying for another (even brief) reprieve so I can get more stuff done, because the urge to clean and declutter my house isn't playing nicely with the overwhelming desire to lie down.  We shall see what the next few days and weeks bring, I suppose.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning so I'll try to post a real update tonight, but I felt incredibly guilty to see my last post date and had to remedy that ASAP!  Even if it was just a whiny post about how little energy I have!  :)


  1. I hear ya on the energy.... It's ROUGH!!

  2. Yeah, the energy thing is very tough! And, hey, you're farther ahead in the nursery than we are and our babies are already here!!

    Hpe your appointment was good!