Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 26- Still Going Strong!

So the weekly updates have stretched into bi-weekly updates, mostly to coincide with my doctor's appointments.  On the in-between weeks, there's just not a whole lot to update!

Weight Gained: 31lbs.  I'm getting a bit nervous about this!  I know that a LOT of the weight is fluid, because I have pitting edema up to my knees on most days.  

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I'm combining these two for this update, because it seems that I'll crave something (let's say.... Ramen Noodles, for instance) and as soon as I eat it, I get nauseous.  This is NOT a good cycle and for the past week, nothing has sounded good to eat.  The thought of food in general makes me a little queasy.

 Symptoms:  Nausea and swelling (broken record, anyone?!).  Also, this may be too much information, but since it's my blog I'm saying it anyway.  I've started leaking colostrum.  And it's freaking me out, majorly.

How I'm Feeling:  Tired!  I just can't sleep, which is distressing because sleeping is one of my all-time favorite pastimes. 

Exciting Stuff:  1. Today, I have zero stretchmarks.  I'm sure they are coming, but I'm celebrating small victories.  2. Our crib bedding is here, in my house, and I love it!  3. The cribs should be here by this weekend, so our nursery will start looking like babies might live here.

Weekly Worries:  My glucose tolerance test is at 9:15 tomorrow morning- please God let me pass!  I really think that a diabetic diet might kill me.   :)

We also started to register tonight, which terrified me.  I had a mini-bawling-breakdown in Babys-R-Us, because I have absolutely no idea what we need to take care of these babies.  A few texts/calls to friends with children made me feel a little better, but Paul's response was the most helpful.  He said,  "Do you know how hard it is to kill babies?  Babies are strong, and ours will survive.  We are going to be just fine.  If the twins get here, and we realize that we don't have what we need, we'll buy it!"  This is why I love that man.


  1. Oh sweetie you sound so pregnant, I swear the second I got pregnant I lost a million brain cells and I couldn't even think. They are still gone, that is what helps you get through pregnancy, delivery and waiting up for your teenagers to get home late at night. Hang in there you are doing great.

  2. Registering is so overwhelming! You will figure it out : )

  3. I just posted about what I will need for the baby! I have no idea either! Your hubby is right - we can buy what we need once we figure it out :)

  4. Registering is quite overwhelming. We've been to BRU twice (we put our furniture on our registry so we could collect the reward points), and the second time he kept telling me I was taking too long to pick things out. I left in tears and decided I'd finish it online or without him! We just want everything to be perfect. I get it!

  5. I'm so glad all is good with the babies :) Hope your glucose test was all right as well. And your husband is wise, if you need anything in addition you can get it later.