Baby Journey

This is our journey so far:  it's fairly depressing and tedious.  I can't make you turn back now, but you have been warned!  :)   If you need help decoding this web of random letters acronyms, click here.

May 2003-March 2004:  So long, BCP. TTC naturally! (Ha!)

April 2004-August 2004: Clomid cycles, MC #1 in August

September 2004- Meet with local RE, decide to do a few Clomid/Repronex cycles with US monitoring.  HSG is clear, SA is perfect, US shows PCOS.

October 2004: Clomid/Repronex  MC #2 @ 10 weeks

December 2004: Clomid/Repronex  MC #3 (Ectopic), Methotrexate at 10 weeks

January 2005:  RPL testing- no clotting or immune disorders!  Then WHY are we losing these pregnancies?!?

March 2005: Clomid/Bravelle  MC #4

April 2005-May 2011: Taking a break- maybe we don't need kids....

June 2011:  Wait.... we definitely want a baby.  Meet with RE at HoustonIVF- decide to proceed with IVF.  RE thinks that while Paul and I are chromosomally normal, we make a higher-than-normal percentage of abnormal embryos.  We'll do chromosome testing on the embryos on Day 5, and freeze them while waiting for results.  Once we have normal embryos, we'll prepare for a FET.

-Diagnosed with hypothyroidism, start Synthroid
-Start Metformin to help with PCOS symptoms

IVF#1- ICSI with CCS on Day 5 Blasts
August 19, 2011: Start BCPs, Hysteroscopy (uterus is "beautiful"!)  AFC: 31

September 14, 2011: Start Lupron and Dexamethasone

September 22, 2011: Suppression check- no cysts, E2 nice and low.  Perfect!

September 24, 2011: Start 150 IU Bravelle  (am) & 150 IU Menopur (pm)

September 26, 2011:  First E2 level- 55.  Abysmal...should be 300+ by now!

September 29, 2011: First follicle scan & another E2 level

October 4, 2011: Trigger shot

October 6, 2011: Retrieval- 33 eggs, 31 mature,  27 fertilized via ICSI

October 12, 2011: 21 Blasts biopsied for chromosomal status

October 26, 2011: 16 Normal Blasts!  9 girls,  boys

November, 2011:  FET prep with Lupron, Vivelle Dot, Crinone

December 2, 2011: Transfer 2 blasts- 5AA & 4AA, boy & girl (Switch to PIO)

December 11, 2011: Beta #1- 411

December 13, 2011: Beta #2- 925  P4-935  E2- 431 (Wean to 3 Vivelle Dots)

December 27, 2011: First Ultrasound- we're having twins!

August 19, 2012: Jackson Rhett and Molly Margaret are due