Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The briefest of updates!

Jackson and Molly

Molly and Jackson are here!  They arrived at 12:36 and 12:38 pm on Monday, July 23.  Miss Priss weighed 5lbs, 7oz and was 18 1/2 inches long.  Big Boy was 6lbs, 14oz and was 21 1/2 inches long.  Both went straight to the newborn nursery- no NICU time! 

I will post an update soon with more details, but wanted to let my blog buddies know that we are all alive and well.  We've stumbled upon quite a few roadblocks:  My blood pressure is still rising and the swelling is out of control! The twins are having a little trouble maintaining their temperatures, so they are currently in an incubator in our room.  It seems like none of us are going home on time, which is just fine with me as long as we get to stay together.  We'll get things figured out soon enough and be on our way home- just not as soon as we'd hoped. 

Molly and Jack                              Molly & Jack again!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birthday Eve

Dear Molly and Jackson,

We are in the final homestretch of the amazingly long and complicated journey that brought you into existence.  I cannot begin to explain how much I love you, and you aren't even born yet.  Tonight, I am praying for everything to go smoothly and for you two to come into this world kicking and screaming.  Nothing else matters at this moment except that you are healthy. 

Your Daddy is beyond excited to meet you both- I have never seen him so happy and so full of anticipation before.  When I get anxious about how our lives are about to change, I look at him and realize that this is exactly the plan God had in mind for us.  You aren't puzzle pieces that complete a half-finished picture, but are the embellishments that enhance something that was already pretty perfect to begin with.  

Please know that you are loved beyond measure and you will never, ever have reason to doubt how much you were wanted.  I am in awe of you already, and cannot believe that you are mine. 



A birthday, that is!  Unless something goes awry before then, on July 23 we will probably meet Molly and Jackson.  July 23 also happens to be my birthday as well, and I can't imagine a better gift.

How We Got Here:

Just your standard NST!
First, it's worth mentioning that my doctor has been on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere for the past week, and will not be back until Monday.  Her nurse practitioner is fabulous, and we know we are in great hands while she's gone.  I was left with explicit instructions NOT to go into labor or make any sort of baby noises while she was out of town. Apparently, I am not very good at following directions. 

On Thursday, we went to a routine weekly appointment.  The Bio-Physical Profile ultrasound looked great- fluid levels were good, M & J measured right on track, and they were moving like crazy!  Once we were back in the exam room, the NP asked if I watched the nurse weigh me and if it was accurate.  I've been basing my weight gain on my home scale because it's consistent,  so I generally don't pay a lot of attention to the numbers at the doctor's office.  For some reason, I did watch on Thursday-  I laughed, and said that she actually spared me a pound to be nice.  Excluding that measly pound, I'd gained 14 pounds in 8 days.  This weight gain, coupled with super-shiny, tight calves and a blood pressure of 154/96 earned me a trip to L&D for "observation" and a 24-hour urine protein collection to rule out pre-eclampsia versus gestational hypertension.

The results weren't promising- my protein levels are high and my blood pressure is still elevated.   My hemoglobin was also pretty low, so I got 2 units of blood yesterday, too.  Our status was changed from "observation" to "in-patient", and we will stay put until the babies make their debut.

How Paul is passing the hours. 
How I'm spending my time...

My OB has been texting all day with her partners and my MFM, threatening their lives if they deliver me before Monday without a very good reason.  I do have pre-eclampsia and the twins need to come soon, but there is nothing emergent going on right this very second.  Truthfully, I would much rather wait on my doctor as long as it's not detrimental to our little ones (or myself). 

So, long-story-not-so-short, it looks like I might get to share a birthday with my babies.  How special is that? 

Monday, July 16, 2012


I am 35 weeks and 1 day.  That's a pretty awesome accomplishment, I think.  However, as I inch closer to being "term" with twins, I spend a good chunk of each day arguing with myself.  During the day, I thank God that I am still pregnant and that M & J are growing and getting ready for their arrival.  However, Every.Single.Night, I pray that I go into labor so that I can start recovering from the insomnia and general pain that goes along with carrying 12 lbs of babies and 50 lbs of extra weight around.  Nighttime just stinks, and I dread the sun going down, because I know that these feelings will creep in.

Even typing this makes me feel like a horrible mother, because I know it would be ideal to carry these guys for 3 more weeks.  BUT, because I work in the NICU, I also know that if Molly and Jackson decided to make their debut today, there is a strong chance that they would come home with me.  If they did end up in NICU, the time spent there would most likely be very minimal. 

That's the thing about arguing with yourself, though.  There are no winners- it is beyond frustrating.  It's sunny right now though, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we make it for a few more weeks.  I can't imagine how this post would read had I written it after 9pm!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

34 weeks- stick a fork in me!

Please forgive my pitiful lack of posting.  Everything is just fine, but there are lots of reasons I've been slacking.  Chief among them is the fact that I can't really feel my fingers, which makes typing really difficult.  This is also the reason I haven't finished my Thank You notes from our showers, and my baby blankets probably won't be finished before the babies get here. Things could definitely be worse, but I had no idea how hard things are be when your fingers don't respond appropriately to your commands.  Enough whining:  here's an update!

Weight Gained: 51 lbs-  I cannot believe I've gained 1/3 of my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm now 33% heavier than I was 8 months ago!

Cravings:  I am averaging 5 ICEEs a week. I know, I know- they have no positive nutritional content whatsoever, but it's been 100+ degrees here and this gal is HOT!

Food Aversions:  More than 5 bites of anything solid.  I can drink water/juice like I'll never see another glass, but after a few bites of "real" food I'm done.  Heartburn is almost instantaneous, and I feel like I've eaten a 7 course meal.  There's just no room for food in my belly anymore!  Miraculously, this is not preventing me (or the babies) from gaining weight...
Symptoms:  Insomnia, carpal tunnel, nausea and edema galore!  Without pharmaceutical intervention, I cannot sleep and therefore cannot function.  My doctor gave my a prescription for Ambien, and it's been a lifesaver.  I got more sleep in one night after taking it than in the previous week without it.  It took a few days of courage-gathering before I decided to take it but in hindsight, I wish I would have talked to my doctor sooner.  It makes all of the other uncomfortable-ness so much more bearable when I'm rested. 

How I'm Feeling:  Medium Rare.  In other words, almost done.  I have days when I think "I can't do this anymore!" and days where I feel pretty good.  They balance each other out.  Either way, we will meet Molly and Jack in less than 4 weeks.   Where did the time go?

Exciting Stuff:  The babies are almost done cooking!  Whether the nursery is perfect, or the house is completely baby-proof, M & J will be here soon.  While this is completely terrifying, I am so excited to meet them.  They make themselves known on a very frequent basis- rolling around, stretching and vying for more space.  Jackson is measuring 6 lbs 2 oz, while Molly is holding her own at a respectable 4lbs 9oz.  I'm carrying almost 11 pounds of baby, y'all!!

Weekly Worries:  You know what they say about the best laid plans?  My original goal was to work until July 1st.  Paul and I then modified said plan and I decided to work until the end of July to maximize my time off once the twins arrived.  Ultimately, this decision was not up to me at all- my MFM doctor decided put me on modified bed rest on Thursday.  He is concerned that with the babies' rapidly increasing weight (read: because Jack is such a porker), my cervix won't hold up much longer if I stay on my feet.  While they would most likely be just fine, with minimal NICU time, if they were born today, my goal is to bring these guys home with me from the hospital.  So, I am piddling around the house, resting and waiting.  I have amazing bosses, so hopefully the time off will work itself out.  It always does, right?