Sunday, July 22, 2012


A birthday, that is!  Unless something goes awry before then, on July 23 we will probably meet Molly and Jackson.  July 23 also happens to be my birthday as well, and I can't imagine a better gift.

How We Got Here:

Just your standard NST!
First, it's worth mentioning that my doctor has been on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere for the past week, and will not be back until Monday.  Her nurse practitioner is fabulous, and we know we are in great hands while she's gone.  I was left with explicit instructions NOT to go into labor or make any sort of baby noises while she was out of town. Apparently, I am not very good at following directions. 

On Thursday, we went to a routine weekly appointment.  The Bio-Physical Profile ultrasound looked great- fluid levels were good, M & J measured right on track, and they were moving like crazy!  Once we were back in the exam room, the NP asked if I watched the nurse weigh me and if it was accurate.  I've been basing my weight gain on my home scale because it's consistent,  so I generally don't pay a lot of attention to the numbers at the doctor's office.  For some reason, I did watch on Thursday-  I laughed, and said that she actually spared me a pound to be nice.  Excluding that measly pound, I'd gained 14 pounds in 8 days.  This weight gain, coupled with super-shiny, tight calves and a blood pressure of 154/96 earned me a trip to L&D for "observation" and a 24-hour urine protein collection to rule out pre-eclampsia versus gestational hypertension.

The results weren't promising- my protein levels are high and my blood pressure is still elevated.   My hemoglobin was also pretty low, so I got 2 units of blood yesterday, too.  Our status was changed from "observation" to "in-patient", and we will stay put until the babies make their debut.

How Paul is passing the hours. 
How I'm spending my time...

My OB has been texting all day with her partners and my MFM, threatening their lives if they deliver me before Monday without a very good reason.  I do have pre-eclampsia and the twins need to come soon, but there is nothing emergent going on right this very second.  Truthfully, I would much rather wait on my doctor as long as it's not detrimental to our little ones (or myself). 

So, long-story-not-so-short, it looks like I might get to share a birthday with my babies.  How special is that? 


  1. I'm sorry your week had a rough ending. Praying for a smooth delivery! I can't think of a better birthday present, either!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed with how calm you are being, though! :).

    Thinking of ALL of you for the most incredible birthday ever!!!

  3. What an amazing birthday gift!!! Wishing you all a smooth and happy delivery. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Take care! I can't wait to see Jack and Molly pics:)

  4. I am so sorry that you are in the hospital but so happy you hit 36 weeks! I will be at work tomorrow if you need anything at all I will just be in the basement! I will even wear scrubs if you want an NI nurse in there with you! :)Can't wait to here the good news!

  5. Oh wow, what an update! best of luck and I wish you all a safe delivery :) Best birthday ever!