Sunday, June 3, 2012

29 Weeks!

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since my last official update.  The days seem to be flying by, and I can't seem to coordinate the time and energy to get stuff done- including blogging, unfortunately!

28 Weeks!

Weight Gained: 38 lbs.  It just keeps piling up, doesn't it?!  My doctor doesn't seem concerned, so I'm not worrying, either.

Cravings:  Sushi is making an appearance here once again- as a matter of fact, we had avocado rolls and hibachi steak for lunch!

Food Aversions:  As long as I don't eat too much, any food is fair game.  Once I hit the FULL point, everything sounds terrible.  The line between hungry and full is pretty blurry, so I overshoot it a LOT!
Symptoms:  Due to excess fluid pressing on the nerves in my arms, I've developed carpal tunnel syndrome.  For the first few hours after waking up, my hands are swollen and numb and I can barely bend my fingers. My abdominal muscles have started to separate, and I had no idea how much I used my core muscles until now!  This pregnant woman is falling apart, but it's all completely worth it.

How I'm Feeling:  I'm running out of honest ways to answer this question without feeling like I am complaining.  In the interest of full disclosure, most days I feel like poop- exhausted, cranky, and achy.  There are stories out there about twin mamas who ran marathons until the day they popped out two 7lb babies sans epidural.  I am not that lady.  Having said that, am I praying every day to stay pregnant for at least 7 more weeks?  Absolutely, and I know how incredibly blessed I am to have made it this far.

Exciting Stuff:  The nursery is coming together!  We've got a long way to go, but I love walking by and peeking in at our progress.  I'll have to add some pictures soon!  Our first shower is on June 12, so my goal is to have things (mostly) complete by then.  We'll see how that goes. 

Weekly Worries:  I am hoping that my MFM doesn't try to push bedrest when I see him next week- at our first appointment, he told me I would probably be on modified bedrest by 24 weeks and that date has come and gone.  Fingers crossed that we don't find a reason to revisit this discussion!


  1. Every time I go to the doctor I hope they aren't going to make me start some sort of bedrest or partial bedrest. We start seeing a new doctor in a couple of weeks and I'm a little afraid he will have a different view of how things should be. I'm so glad to hear things are still going well for you- 36 weeks here we come!

  2. You are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Hang in there sweets, you are doing great.

  3. Mary Margaret, you look fantastic! I cannot believe how time flies by. Looking forward to seeing photos of the nursery. I am at 22.5 weeks and have the crib and mattress so far. Keep taking great care of yourself :)
    xoxo Susan

  4. I'm behind on my look great!! Where are you hiding the 38 pounds? Sorry to hear about the fluid and feeling achy. Don't feel like you are complaining. Being pregnant with twins is not an easy task!! Hang in there mama!!
    Are those pants from Motherhood Maternity? I think I have the same pair..if they are the ones I am thinking of, I bought them in a few colors because I LOVE them!!