Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strange Bedfellows

I've mentioned in a few of my update posts that I have been battling restless leg syndrome for the past couple of months.  Apparently, it's completely normal in pregnancy but that didn't stop me from cursing this blasted condition on a daily basis while I fought sleep.  One particularly bad morning, I was pacing from my bedroom to the kitchen trying not to lose my mind, and decided to consult Dr. Google.  I stumbled upon an article with over 300 comments that all touted the benefits of placing a bar of ordinary bath soap under the fitted sheet on your bed.  In my sleep-deprived hysteria, I immediately ran to the bathroom, found a new bar of soap and shoved it under the sheet at the foot of my bed.  Had I spared a few moments to consider how ridiculous this sounds, I'm sure I'd have poo-poo'd the idea entirely-  but I was desperate and exhausted.

I crawled back into bed, got comfortable, and waited for the tell-tale crazies to start.  And I waited.  15 minutes passed, and my legs didn't feel crazy.  30 minutes with no tingling.  I even shook my legs trying to induce jitters to make sure that they weren't just laying in wait to ambush me once I fell asleep.  For the first time in months, I didn't feel the need to jump out of bed and walk around to relieve my restless legs!  Hallelujah.

But WHY does this work?  I honestly have no idea.  Google yields nothing on the subject, except that it works for a lot of people.  Maybe it's all in my head- something as simple as the power of suggestion, but I don't care.  Now I can lie in bed and focus on my numb hands and fingers instead.  Unfortunately, the soap doesn't cure pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome.


  1. Did that seriously work? You are not exaggerating or anything?
    I get restless leg syndrome all the time, pregnant or not.
    I've seen this remedy online before, and for some reason I have never actually tried it. Crazy, since a bar of soap is what $1.00, at the most?
    I'm going to try this the very next time my legs start acting up.

    1. No ma'am. Not exaggerating at all. It is the strangest thing. I can't lay on the couch for any extended period of time because my legs go crazy. As soon as I lay in bed with the stinking soap, things are great. It's a cheap solution, so I hope it works for you! I do know that people report having to change out the bar of soap every few months.

  2. This is the strangest thing I have heard in a long time! But it's really great that it works. Just weird.

  3. I would love to know how this works, and I am glad it is working for you. Bummer on the restless leg syndrome and carpal tunnel, boy I bet you are looking forward to this being over....of course only when those babies have been cooked enough. Irish Spring is also recommended fro your garden to keep deer away. It works through a couple of rains until the smell wears off.

  4. How annoying. I am glad that you found a solution. My numb fingers and arms are driving me crazy! I tried a wrist brace but it's not helping.

  5. That is just truly bizarre!! But, hey, if it works it is awesome!!

  6. one of my readers just sent me your site after I had posted about pains in my ankles and leg spasms - oh the joys of pregnancy... where did you place the bar of soap? was it right under your foot? I don't care how crazy it is, I'm absolutely trying this! Desperate, yes :) Thank you!