Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tea Time

Paul hates tea.  Not just a little bit- he loathes it.  If tea was the only choice of beverage available, he swears that he would thirst to a slow and painful death.  I think that he just hasn't found the right tea yet.  His disdain for the most perfect beverage known to man made him the obvious lunch-date choice when my Groupon to a local tea room was about to expire. 

The Glenwood Village Tea Room is exactly what springs to mind when I think of hot tea.  It's warm and cozy and comfortable.  I adore the fact that none of the china matches and the chairs are rogue misfits collected over decades.     Paul, on the other hand, feels like he is trapped in some alternate Granny dimension where chintz teacups and musty antiques reign.  While we have clearly differing views on the decor and atmosphere, we are unanimous in our love of the amazing Cheese and Onion Pie and dessert scones.  Amazing.  Next time, he's trying the tea.  He just doesn't know it yet.


  1. I love a proper cream tea , just perfect - lots of clotted cream and strawberry jam on a scone and ooodles of hot sweet tea. you can not beat it.

    Can not imagine not liking tea x Perhaps he could try a herbal tea?

    Leah x

  2. I'm with you on the tea, I love it. I can't stand coffee, the taste makes me cringe, but tea is so mellow and lovely to drink. In the winter I always have some in the afternoon, maybe I was more English in a past life. I can imagine myself walking around in Jane Austen's time having a proper tea.

  3. I love tea!!!
    So much, it makes me sad to think of someone not liking tea :)
    Good luck with the converting-I'm sure you can do it

  4. I love tea too... we ditched the traditional Thanksgiving this year, and did a Thanksgiving tea :) Has Paul tried chilled citrus teas? I hope all is good with you?