Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Would Do Anything

When we started the IVF process, my biggest fear was the PIO shots because I know firsthand how much they hurt.  I was so relieved when my nurse told we that we'd be using Crinone instead.  Yesterday, after the transfer, I practically begged her to let me switch to the injections because I wanted to ensure my levels were high enough to support a possible pregnancy. Funny how your priorities shift, isn't it?

The nurse covering the weekend called this morning- not a call I expected, and seeing the number scared the bejeezus out of me!  Thankfully, the news wasn't bad.  My progesterone levels aren't low, but my doctor decided this morning that he'd rather err on the side caution.  Because of our past history with miscarriages, he wants to switch me to PIO shot.  So, from here until a positive blood test, and from there until I'm 12 weeks pregnant, I'll be the recipient of a lovely IM injection daily.  Yay!  Anything for a baby (or two).


  1. Those shots were not my friend our first IVF. brian had to chase me around the house at 9 PM nightly! But I learned that Ice packs before to numb the heck out of it worked well! I am doing the crinone this time around, but am feeling like you wondering if it's as effective. Day 2 of stims- done!

  2. Mary Margaret, I am so fascinated by this whole journey. I appreciate you including all of us as you go through this exciting time. Good luck with the new shots, We are all here for you and rooting you on.