Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bob and Martha (and Elmer)

Yesterday, we transferred two perfect little embryos, Bob and Martha (don't worry, these will not be our children's real names...).  I wasn't quite sure what to expect out of the process, but it went really smoothly!

Our perfect, amazing little embryos!

We woke up early so we wouldn't feel rushed.  During a quick breakfast, the BabyMaker called to let us know that the embryos were about to be thawed and he had a few quick questions.  Did we still want to transfer 2?  Yes, please.  Did the sex matter, or did we want the two best quality?  Well, we'd like to transfer one of each, but the quality is most important.  Let me check- the two best are one boy and one girl, so that settles that.  Sounds perfect, it was meant to be!  Then, my nurse gets on the phone and reminds me to Come with a full bladder.  Yes ma'am. We ran into the grocery store to grab a few bottles of water and some pineapple juice (which is supposed to aid in implantation?  Whatever.)  This little santa piggy jumped into my cart, and had to come home with us.  We named him Elmer.  I'm getting off topic, but I'm kind of in love with him.  Anyway...

Elmer, and the survival kit- cupcakes and juice!
After breakfast and the grocery store, we headed to the acupuncture clinic for my pre-transfer appointment.  Once we left the clinic, we realized that the horrible Houston traffic that we'd accounted for was nowhere to be found, and we were about 2 hours early for the transfer.  No beuno.  So, we did what anyone else would do- we stopped in at Sprinkles and bought a dozen cupcakes to be consumed during my bedrest stint.  ($40 for 12 cupcakes is insane, but these things are AM.A.ZING).  We were still 45 minutes early to our transfer appointment, but I'd certainly rather be early than late.  Who wants to grant custody to a mother who can't even show up on time?

All morning, I'd been chugging water to ensure that my uterus would show up on the abdominal ultrasound.  A quick scan proved that my drinking had been successful, and we were ready to get started.  I swear my full bladder was the worst part of the whole day.  It was the good-part-of-the-movie-and-I-really-need-to-pee feeling on steroids.  For 2 hours.  Ouch!  Once we were settled in the transfer suite, the embryologist brought in a warmer carrying Bob and Martha.  They both started the day as 4AA embryos, but one had fully hatched and become a 5AA.  They were absolutely perfect.  Paul even got to see them under the microscope- his first look at our potential children!  It was such a cool experience. 

 The transfer itself was great- no hiccups at all.  Once we were done, and I'd fulfilled my 45 minutes of laying down in the clinic, we headed back to the hotel, where I promptly passed out.  The Valium they'd given me kicked in very late, and just made me feel hungover- nauseous and headache-y.  Oh well. Totally worth it. 

I am officially Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.  My beta is on December 11, so keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that these little ones want to hang around for 8 more months or so!


  1. Yay!! Congrats. Praying for your healthy boy/girl twins. How perfect!! GL!

  2. Wow, this is amazing. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all continues to go well. You are so strong to have gone through all of this with such a positive attitude. Hang in there sweetie and keep us informed we want to know how everything is going.
    A big hug to you,

  3. Praying hard that everything is successful. Love you guys bunches!

  4. Yay for two perfect embies!!We will be finding out just a day apart! :)