Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A lesson in note-taking

Apparently, many crocheters start with Granny Squares.  I don't know how I managed to be oblivious to their existence, but I just discovered them a few months ago.  They are so much fun to make!

However, when you are making lots of little squares that will eventually be joined to make a larger, more substantial something, it helps for them to be the same size.  I made my first granny squares about a month ago, and decided to add to the meager pile a few nights ago.  Unfortunately, I took no notes of what hook size I used to create the first ones.  I am now the proud owner of a random pile of pretty crocheted blobs that will not play nicely together.

They will probably be relegated to the box of un-finished projects in my closet until they decide to become something useful.  Now I know... for the love of God, write it down!

*Pattern from Lucy at Attic24!


  1. They could be mini pot holders- the bigger ones are only about 4" square. Maybe pincushions?

  2. Join the ones that are the same size into a granny scarf..... You will look adorable!

  3. How did I not see these squares?? I love the color combo! I am always on the hunt for new ideas on how to use colors together :) I love it! BTW I do the same thing all the time. I just end up discarding whatever I made, unless I can make something cute with it. For the smaller squares, if not pot holders or coasters or dishrags, if you have 5 of them, you can make a little stash box out of them. Just add some fabric stiffener to make it keep its shape and last longer. The other idea is to make a round of half-double crochet around the smaller ones to make them a little bigger. And the last thing I have in my magic box of tricks: Make one of those blankets that has all the tons of different sized squares.... Can you tell I make the same mistake quite often :)

  4. Hello,
    Just discovered your blog through BumbleBri. They would make great coasters perhaps? Love your colours though x

    I'm sat here right now doing granny squares for my first crochet project a blanket for my gran's 90th birthday. I'm getting seriously addicted to crochet.

    Have a lovely week.

    Leah x

  5. BumbleBri- What a great idea to add another round to make them the same size! I'm going to try it out, because I really love Mereknit's idea of a granny scarf.

    Welcome to the craziness that is my blog, faith76. I agree that these little square are addictive- Happy 90th to your Gran!