Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do you insist on making me crazy?

This post is directed at you, Houston IVF!  I love you guys with all my heart-  truly I do, but I'm sensing a breakdown in communication here...

When you're going through something as time-sensitive as preparing for an IVF cycle, every day counts.  I'm still waiting on lab results from the blood I had drawn on July 1.  I know...  chomosome testing takes time.  Then why does Paul already know that he is communicable disease-free, and his chromosomes are perfectly perfect? 

Perhaps it's because the lab spun a vial of my blood that shouldn't have been spun, so that one measly test couldn't be run, and Houston won't report the results until all of the results from a lab set are complete.  So now I'm waiting on a call from my nurse, who is supposed to be calling my local lab to see if this test can be added to more blood I had drawn on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain that Saturday's lab was run at the local lab instead of being sent out to the Quest Lab (this could be my fault, but I'm going to pass the blame here).  This means that the blood is most likely not available anymore, so we can't tack on one more test.  It also means that Houston might not accept the results-  they're fairly insistent on having all tests resulted at their lab, not my lab.

Here is where the time crunch comes into play.  The labs I had drawn on Saturday must be drawn on a certain day.  If we missed that narrow opportuity this month, we have to wait and have it redrawn next month.  I might cry if a lab issue pushes us back another month. 

I'm trying to let go of my fears and concerns about all of this.  I think worrying is my insane attempt to maintain some sense of control over the situation.  So, I'm trying to listen to Paul when he says, "Don't worry until there is something to worry about- it's not going to change anything!".  It's not easy, but he's right.  Don't tell him I said that.  :)


  1. Mary Margaret, so nice to hear from you on my blog and so nice to see your blog. Just a note to you about this post, I had a difficult time getting pregnant with my youngest. We tested, and did some procedures, etc with no luck. We started adoption stuff and then I found out I was pregnant. The Universe has a way of providing just exactly what you need when you need it.
    Good luck and I will be keeping you in my thoughts,

  2. Hi Mary Margaret, thanks for leaving a comment!
    This must be such a difficult and emotional time for you, and the last thing you need is to be messed around like this - I am sorry.
    I do sincerely hope it all works out for you - a huge amount of patience is needed I guess.
    Gill xx

  3. I'm sorry they are testing your patience! Hang in there! I'll be praying for you!

  4. Hi to you.
    Thanks for following my blog - I had to come and see you and am your follower too!
    It took us nearly 5 years to fall pregnant with our first and nearly 2 for our second. We too had had some testing done and were beginning to consider alternatives.
    It's one of the hardest journeys, isn't it?
    I look forward to keeping in touch.

  5. Hey, Beautiful. I am so sorry you are having a difficult & emotional time. That really sucks... I feel really terrible. I just wanted to pop over to answer your question that you left on my blog about the pattern for the squares. I made it up out of several fails to create a square for a legit pattern. I like mine better and if you want, I can share it with you. I'll email it to you or something. I am new to blogging and I don't trust my skills in sharing patterns yet! I hope you feel better! Hugs -- Bri

  6. I firmly believe that one of the most import qualities to have as a mom is patience and this is just a test of that however I completely empathize with your frustration because we all want that little bun to start cooking in your oven haha. You and Paul are such amazing people that I dont think words will describe what amazing parents you will be! I cant wait for that day but until then Im here for you anytime you need to vent.