Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 Months!

I never knew that time could pass by so quickly.  The twins are 2 months old today.  We are starting to develop a routine, which makes days much easier to navigate.  Life is easier when you know what to expect!

Miss Molly:
You weigh just under 8 lbs and are still firmly in newborn clothes.  Most of your adorable 0-3 month stuff just swallows you, little girl!  You've certainly come a long way from your scrawny 4lb 13oz self, but next to Jack you seem so tiny.  Nap is still a four letter word.  You fight sleep more than any baby I've ever known!  Just when we think you might be out, those big blue eyes pop open and you just stare at us.  Thankfully, bedtime is usually another story- once you are fed and zipped into your Woombie, we lay you in your NapNanny and you will sleep for 4-6 hours.  Mommy loves watching you sleep because you make the funniest faces!

Jackson Man:
You're such a chunk with the chubbiest squishable cheeks!  At almost 10 lbs, you are running away from your little sister.  You look like such a little man sometimes.  I am completely in love with your seriousness-  you are definitely your mother's child!  Every now and then you'll give your Daddy a big smile, but you save them for really special occasions (like playing airplane!).  The colic seems to be getting a little better every week, but evenings are still really hard.  Between 5-9pm most nights, you and Molly both cry for at least 1-2 hours and it breaks my heart.  When it's time for bed, I am just as worn out from your screaming as you are!  

Happy 2 Month Birthday, little ones.  It has been the craziest, most amazing two months of my life.


  1. So cute!!! Molly and my tiny guy are about the same size- at least we're getting good use out of those newborn clothes everyone said we would hardly need :) i love hearing that at 2 mos you have more of a routine- we're almost six weeks and while our days are semi predictable, life would be a little easier if there was more of a routine! Keep up the good work mama!

  2. Two months already?! I remember feverishly checking your blog for birth updates...time does fly!! The pictures are adorable!!! I love the outfits:) the babies are oh so cute!!! I'm glad to hear having a routine is attainable! I've been wondering about that... Glad to hear you're all doing well!!

  3. Oh wow, they are seriously so cute! I love them both to pieces!

  4. Hang in there with the colic, it will get better. They are adorable and I think you so much for sharing them with us.

  5. Love their outfits! I know you are worn out but hopefully you are enjoying those sweet moments!

  6. Oh, they're too cute!! And, seriously, 2 months? wow!

    There was a moment when D's colic suddenly got so much better. His entire personality changed. For us, it seemed to correspond to an increased dose of his zantac, but we're not sure if it was just a coincidence. I wouldn't say they're both EASY in the evenings, now, but it's like some other world. His personality in the days just shines and the evenings are only bad if he gets over tired. Seriously, it's like some other world.

    Now, if they would just sleep longer at night...