Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amoebas in my brain

Remember when I told you about the monstrous cold that has decided to take up residence?  I thought that I had the perfect cure for it- The Neti Pot.

Photo found here.

For the blissfully uninitiated, this device resembles a small teapot that you fill with warm water and a packet of  saline/sodium bicarb crystals.  Then, you place the spout of the Neti Pot into one of your nostrils with your head tipped forward, letting the solution run up your nose and (hopefully) out of the other nostril.  Once you have succeeded without choking/aspirating/dying, you blow the heck out of your nose and expel the snot demons.  I know- it sounds awful, but it is so completely effective at clearing your sinuses!

For some reason, after I cleared my head, I decided that using tap water might not be a great idea.  Why this occurred to me after I lavaged my brain with 8 ounces of it is beyond me.  A bit of Googling led me to this news article.  I'll spare you the reading- tap water has been linked to two deaths in 2011 (both in LOUISIANA!!), due to encephalitis caused by amoebas that were found in tap water.  Great.  Because I needed one more thing to worry about, right?  Dear God, please don't let my tombstone read:

RIP-  Killed By Brain-eating Amoebas Because Sudafed Wasn't Safe For The Babies! 


  1. Try distilled water and make sure you microwave the neti pot before you use it (NOT WITH THE WATER IN IT) to kill all the germs.

    Good luck sweets,

  2. I got water up my nose while washing my face in the I'm worried about amoebas ;) Hopefully you're feeling better!!

  3. Yeah, I've been trying to rely on statistical probabilities to make me feel less likely to be amoeba'd. Because the neti-pot is the only way that I survive at this point! Cold or no cold -- I'm just full of snot pretty much all the time!!