Monday, March 26, 2012

19 Weeks!

This one will be a quickie- it's been a fairly uneventful week, thank God!

Weight Gained: Still at 18 pounds, thanks to the never-ending sinus infection and a new GI bug.  Yuck. 

Cravings:  I woke up last night NEEDING Oreos.  After half a box, it didn't seem like such a great idea...

Food Aversions: Nope, nothing here.  Told you it was a "boring" week!

Symptoms:  Swelling and general fatigue.   The nausea is back, but it's tolerable and intermittent.

How I'm Feeling: Blah.  I've been sick, and I just feel physically worn down right now.  Emotionally, I am great!  

Exciting Stuff: Jack and Molly are moving like crazy!  It's such a surreal feeling to know that there are tiny people wiggling around in my belly.  We've started planning the nursery, but that's another post for another day.

Weekly Worries:  This week, I decided not to worry about anything baby-related that I cannot control! 


  1. I like your plan to not worry about anything baby-related that you can't control! I need to work on that! :)

    Happy 19 weeks!

  2. There is nothing better than feeling those little movements! I just found your blog and it looks like I'm just about a week behind you and also pregnant with twins. I'm looking forward to following along with your pregnancy!