Friday, February 10, 2012

Never say never...

As a potential first-time mom, there are a million things that I just don't know.  Google and I have become even better friends in the past few months (which I didn't think was even possible!) because I've been researching everything baby related.  During my late-night internet trolling, I checked out a site that my mom sent me, and discovered an amazing thing.  We have a diaper service in town!

To be completely honest, I'd never really considered using cloth diapers.  I vividly remember my mom swishing my youngest brother's training pants in the toilet when he was potty training, and being utterly disgusted.  No way was I going to sign up for anything that involved hand-washing baby clothes in the potty.  Not.Gonna.Happen.  So, when I found CottonTails, I was slightly grossed out, but a little intrigued.  As it turns out,  there's nothing remotely gross about cloth diapering- especially if you utilize a service that does all of the hard stuff for you!  

I really think that we're going to give it a try.  If we hate the service, or cloth diapers in general, we'll go buy a bunch of disposables.  And possibly eat some crow, because all of my friends think that I'm nuts for even considering this. 


  1. Lucky! I wish we had a diaper service anywhere near here, I think I'd be more inclined to do it if someone else was doing the dirty job. Also at the childcare center on base they don't allow cloth diapers for health code reasons..I'm still debating using cloth at home and on weekends but laziness may win!

  2. I have been thinking about you Sweets, and hoping you are feeling better.

  3. Unfortunately, we don't have a service in town that I can see. That's so lucky for you! I've been thinking about trying cloth diapering, anyway. I'm not sure what my DH will think when I bring it up. He may think I'm nuts with twins. I'm not sure... Especially since we're lucky enough not to have to put them into regular day care for a year or so, it seems like it might be possible.