Thursday, January 19, 2012

Damn Hormones...

Why can I not go one day- a measly 24 hours- without bawling over something stupid?  Here's a short rundown of silly things I've cried over recently:
  1. The movie Driving Miss Daisy.  When Hoke feeds Miss Daisy pumpkin pie at the end?  Cue tears.
  2. Blue Cheese Dressing at Outback Steakhouse: I ordered a salad, then realized that blue cheese is on the no-go list. 
  3. The realization that I'd forgotten to add the word "decaf" to my Starbucks order after drinking 3/4 of the coffee.
None of these things are even remotely important in the grand scheme of things.  So why do they incite a hysterical, snotty cry-fest?  And every single time, Paul laughs at me and says, "It's just the hormones- you're pregnant.  This is normal."  It might be normal, but I'm waiting anxiously for my first tear-free day, because these fits are exhausting.


  1. Oh, I made the mistake of watching Fried Green Tomatoes while pregnant. Couldn't stop bawling. Watched the Mad About You when they have a baby and then tried to go out to dinner afterward. The tears just kept coming back. Oy. Hormones are damned tough!!

    (My husband would say I'm like this all the time, though, and just using this as an excuse. He's probably right...)

  2. You are doing great. Just remember that after these cuties are born you will cry all the time. I used to cry at 5:30 pm everyday, for several weeks. I was a mess, you will get over this.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Oh yeah it's totally normal. I wasn't like this in the beginning though but now the emotions are coming at me.