Monday, January 30, 2012

Best $52.95 I've ever spent. Ever.

This little bit of plastic is the Sonoline-B Fetal Doppler.  Because I'm a bit neurotic about this pregnancy, the wait between doctor's visits and ultrasounds is killing me. This miraculous device arrived in my mailbox the day of my first OB appointment.  It's fate, I swear.  We knew the twins were kicking away in my uterus, all snug and happy, so it was the perfect day to try out the new toy!

After a few minutes of confirming that I was alive with a strong heartbeat of 84, I tilted the probe ever-so-slightly and there it was.  Either a herd of tiny horses was galloping in my belly, or I'd found one of the babies!  The monitor read 174.  Just amazing. 

Over the past week, I've gotten pretty good at finding both twins quickly.  Thank God you can't overdose on this thing-  it's been so reassuring to hear them whenever I want.  I'd like to kiss whoever invented a doppler for home use that actually works, and is affordable.  I don't remember the last time a $52.95 investment made me this happy!


  1. i Have the very same one .. with the very same reaction .. God Bless

  2. I didn't get one because I was worried that I'd be able to find one and not the other or neither and stress myself out more! I'm glad that you did and it's working so well!!