Friday, May 24, 2013

Months 9 & 10

9 months
 Remember when I told you that Jack was never going to crawl?  Well, I was wrong!  Jack is a crawling fool, and he and Molly race around the house like it's the Baby Grand-Prix.  Chasing behind two crazy little ones and working part time gives me very little downtime to do other things that I love (like blogging, for instance). 

When M & J were born, I tried to peer into the future and imagine a time when they would hold their own bottles, snack from our plates, and learn to walk, but I just couldn't picture it.  10 months ago, I found that it was impossible to even make-believe that this day would come.  Now I know why-  if my exhausted, newly post-partum self had begun to realize how insane life would be, I might have tried to return them!  In all my prophesying, I didn't even come close to how much fun we'd have, either, which more than makes up for the craziness most of the time.  Every day one of the twins is doing something new.  New sounds, new skills, new likes and dislikes...  I am constantly amazed by how fast they are changing.

10 Months- They look like toddlers!!
We've started letting them loose with supervision in the kitchen/living room/playroom areas of the house, and they love it.  They've only eaten dog food once (Molly's idea), but constantly try to pull the night light out of it's socket in the hall (Jack's daily mission).  Both of them say Mama and Dada with intent, and I love it!  There is nothing I'd rather be than Molly & Jack's Mama.


  1. Omg how cute are they. Isn't it crazy how soon they look like toddlers, it's like one day all of a sudden they look like little people and not babies anymore. But they sure are fun! I love that they race!!

  2. So fun! I am daily waiting for the real Mamas and Dadas to come. We have one crawler and one 'i dont think he'll ever crawl' I'm sure they will be playing chase in no time!

  3. They are soooooo cute. I am so glad you posted these beautiful pictures. Glad everyone is doing well.
    Hugs to you,

  4. I love them and haven't met them yet! I can't imagine 2! Luke at 4 months exhaust me with all his bouncing and babbling!

  5. So adorable!! And, seriously, how on earth do they just suddenly become toddlers? We had the same experience. We had two babies and then, the next moment, they were climbing all over us, crawling everywhere, cruising, trying to walk, getting into everything. It hit from NOWHERE. One morning they were babies and that evening they were "kids."

    We can almost imagine why people start thinking about adding another one around this time...the baby is gone! Of course, the thought of that sounds INSANE right now... :)

    Aren't the "mamas" and "dadas" just so awesome?!

    So glad to see this update!