Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Months

It just doesn't seem possible. I cannot believe that my tiny little babies are 4 months old.  Also unbelievable?  It's been 2 weeks since I've blogged!  I've not even been able to keep up with reading them, much less sit down to write anything.  My twins are busy, you guys.  Oh well.  On to the update!

Molly has learned to blow raspberries.   That's a really sweet way of putting it, since what she's actually doing is spitting all over anything that comes within a foot of her face.  It's all my fault.  I though it would be so cute, and she is a great mimic, so I spent hours one day blowing kisses and sputtering at her.  As predicted, she picked it up really quickly and the rest is history:

We definitely have our hands full with this little comedian- she smiles/laughs freely and often, and is pretty laid back.  If the television is on, she will do everything in her power to turn and watch it (note to self- leave the channel on Sprout, not TLC!).  Tummy time is getting harder, because she will roll over to her back once she's had enough.  She has also discovered that she has fingers, and that they are delicious, so full body swaddling is out of the question for sleep.  If those little hands are tucked away, she fights and wiggles until they're free.  It's made our bedtime routine slightly more challenging, but she is much happier.  I really love this little girl!

Jack is also a champion at getting his slobber all over EVERYTHING, because he's teething and drools non-stop.  I'm praying that his hurting gums are the reason for his hair-trigger temper.  We jokingly call him Dr. Jackyll (like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but Jackyll?  Because his name is Jack?  Nevermind...).  One minute you have the smiling Jack that I adore and the next instant, he is shrieking like a little girl.  Only little girls don't even sound this pitiful!  These fits only happen when he is hungry or extremely tired.  At least he's predictable.

When he's not throwing a full-fledged temper tantrum, he is such a loving baby.  Our little stoic won't dole out easy smiles and laughs, but he can cuddle with the best of them.  Those hard won giggles are so completely worth it, because this face melts my heart:

The sweetest moments with Jack are at night right before bed.  Once he is swaddled (arms out, of course), we rock for a bit and he just laughs.  I think that he might be laughing at me, thinking "You really think I'm ready to go to sleep?  No way!".  Regardless of the reason, it's easily my favorite time with him.

Molly and Jack could not be any less alike if they tried.  Where one is funny and calm, the other is contemplative and temperamental.  Molly is high-energy and low-maintenance, while Jack is the complete opposite.  I think they complement each other just perfectly.  Happy 4 months, little ones.  They've been the best, most challenging 4 months of my life!

***Edited to add:  I re-read my 3 month update, and realized that Molly and Jack have completely reversed roles over the past month.  Molly has gone from being my difficult child to the reliably "good" one and Jack went from generally calm to bipolar.  How do they change so fast?


  1. Happy four months, Molly and Jackson! You are both adorable!

  2. They are gorgeous, forget about reading blogs just keep us posted so we can see these beautiful babies develop.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Hmmm.... can't believe it took me a month and a half to comment on this post!! They're looking adorable!! I hope you are all doing well as they get bigger and bigger!!