Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stop Trying To Fix Things

The Cake Catalyst

Because I am my mother's child,  I have a natural desire to make sure everything is copacetic.  I am a Fixer by nature.  When something is wrong,  I want to make it better.  Apparently, this drives Paul completely insane.  At least once day, I hear the words "Stop trying to fix things!".  Usually, this is followed by some form of the phrase "You're just like your mother!".   He means it in the nicest way possible, I assure you, because he does love my mom.

I don't know how to change this behavior.  I cannot see a need or want and not address it, no matter how mundane it may be.  For example- Today, I forgot to add a piece of chocolate cake to our To-Go order from Newk's.  When Paul got home, he noticed that it was missing.  He was completely fine without it but I went into overdrive mode, insisting that I go back out and get the cake while Paul is threatening my life if I drag my sickly butt anywhere but the couch.  Of course, this all happens while I'm on the phone with my mom, and she decides that she will pick up the cake and bring it to our house.  Because she is the original Fixer.

Of course, Paul was eternally grateful for the dessert intervention, but I'm sure it won't stop him from uttering that dreaded phrase at some point tomorrow...  Stop trying to FIX things!


  1. Thanks.... I NEED that cake... Like right now! Wanna fix that?!?!? Im a fixer too, at least our kids will probably appreciate it more than our husbands :)

  2. I am a fixer myself, actually I think most women are. And our husbands should be thankful we are because this lets them have less responsibility. Take care sweets,

  3. How sweet of your mom to bring the cake:) Hopefully you feel better soon!!