Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Teabag Theory (And Other News)

Negative thoughts are like teabags.  If you let them steep too long, they become bitter.  When you start feeling pessimistic,  put in a new teabag!

 A girl from my infertility group posted this a few days ago. Her mom used to repeat this mantra when she was a child, because moms always have smart things to say that you don't appreciate until you're older.  When I find myself being sucked into that cycle of negative thinking, I remind myself to change the teabag.... and it works!  It's not always easy to change your mindset about something, but it just feels so much better to be optimistic and positive!

Now that the psychology lesson has adjourned, I have an embryo update!  I posted here about our 13 fabulous embryos that were being tested.  On Thursday,  the lab called to let us know that we now have 21 little frostpops that are being tested.  Apparently, the eggs that were fertilized last took a few extra hours to grow (I think those lazy genes are Paul's...).  They were perfect on Wednesday morning , so they were biopsied as well.  Surely, out of 21 embryos tested, we'll have a few several that are chromsomally normal!  See that positive, teabag-changing thinking in action?  I still love the number 13, but 21 sounds even better.


  1. 21 is amazing! I am so so happy for you both!!

    That is a great mantra. I can definitely see myself snagging that :)

  2. Great news. Hoping you don't even need to change the tea bag.
    Best of luck,

  3. But what if you like being bitter and the tea bags are all the way in the kitchen and you're settled on the couch already? ;)

    Great news!