Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jesus and Santa Clause

This Christmas season, we've been focusing on the meaning behind the holiday and why we celebrate Christmas.  There are posts in my newsfeed every day about how Santa Clause is evil, and your kids will grow up to hate you for lying to them when they realize Santa Clause isn't real.  Some even go far enough with the  "real vs fiction" realization to declare that kids will start to think that Jesus is a lie, too.  I used to think these posts were a deliberate attempt to make me feel like a horrible mom to even consider inviting Santa to stop at our house.  However, after trying to rationalize Jesus and Santa Clause to a toddler, I kind of understand the dilemma!  I grew up believing in both, and I turned out just fine, but what if I am dooming my kids?  

Molly wants absolutely nothing to do with the discussions.  She knows that there are presents under the tree and she wants to open all of them.  NOW.  She cares not why they are there, or from whom they came.  

On the other hand, if you ask Jack why we celebrate Christmas, he wil throw his arms out and excitedly yell, "JESUS!!".  Then, in a quiet voice, he adds "And Santa Clause? With the presents?".  Yes, sweet boy, but mainly Jesus.

After much debate, and lots of eye-rolling from my husband, we've decided that our family will celebrate the birth of Christ, while maintaining the spirit of Santa.  I don't think we will push the naughty or nice agenda, or chastise our little ones, reminding them that Santa "sees you when you're sleeping!".  That's a bit creepy for me.   So, just as Jesus freely gave everything for us, while we clearly didn't deserve it, Santa will bring gifts for our children.  Trust me- Toddlers are not capable of being good enough to "earn" the things that Santa brings them.   I certainly won't judge anyone who decides to abolish Saint Nick at their house, but if your kids come to kindergarten and gleefully tell mine that Santa is a fraud, we'll have more than family traditions to discuss.  

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  1. Good for you! Yes they are both important to celebrate, but what is wrong with a bit of magic at Christmas? Santa, reindeer and all that. I mean isn't Santa the reason people give to others, maybe help those in need when they would not do that any other time of the year. Who is to say that the magic of Santa is not worth celebrating? I always told my older boys when they asked if there was a Santa that I believe in the magic of Santa. And that is no lie. Life is too short not to create a magical childhood, reality will set in all to fast.