Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've been Lupron-ized!

As I write this, hoards of mini Lupron warriors are galloping through my body.  My ovaries are shrieking and cowering in fear.   If either ovary so much as thinks of producing an egg,  the Lupron Army will know and assert its dominance.    If they try passing sneaky notes to my pituitary gland in hopes of a Hail-Mary pass?  No go.  The Lupron has it under control too.    You are officially suppressed, little ovaries.  Go to sleep, and await further instructions.

On Egg Patrol- it's serious business!


  1. You need to go into writing because you are amazing. I love you and will stand shoulder to shoulder with that chicken to do egg patrol.

  2. this made me smile and love you even more! :) you're awesome!

  3. Hi there! Found you on Cyclesista! I'm starting on the path of my first IVF, cycle, too. Wishing you all the luck possible!

    And, as a side note -- I definitely agree with the lucky socks! I've been gathering different "funny" socks over the past several months as we prepped for our cycle. I think I've gone a tad overboard! I've got some that are designated just for ultrasounds. I'm even wearing a pair today because I knew I'd be talking to the nurse on the phone and it made me feel better! I haven't decided, yet, which pair will be "the" ones for the ER and ET. It's funny, though, I've got them all sitting out on the guest bed and it makes me happy and hopeful to see them. (And I'm really not a superstitious person...) If you haven't found them, yet, sockdreams.com has an awesome selection! :)

  4. This made me laugh and I will even confess to snorting a little. Ah, to have such well guarded ovaries!

    I don't exactly have lucky socks but I have a few pairs that are thigh high, I wear them on ultrasound days- makes me feel mildly less exposed.